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Nice Debut! The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro

The Art Forger - B.A. Shapiro

The book opens with the story of 13 works of art taken from Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990 - that have never been recovered.   Then if flashes to modern day Boston where Claire Roth, a struggling and blackballed artist, is asked to copy one of the paintings from the heist - "After the Bath" by Edward Degas.  In return, she will get paid very well and get a showing of her most recent artwork.  Will she dare to do it?

The story has a lot of layers.  Claire, the quite likable protagonist, seems to have been the recipient of some rather unfair actions - been slighted.  But the reader watches her history unfold even as we see her offered an opportunity to dig herself out of this hole.  There is an element of mystery, history of the art world and intrigue.  Will justice be done?  Will it be enough for Claire?

I liked this book a lot.  It wasn't a literary masterwork, but a different story wrapped in some real events.  

Recommend for: Mystery and art lovers.  Possibly historical fictionistas.