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THREE HUNDRED ZEROES - Dennis Blanchard I really enjoyed this book. This is my 4th AT book - and all of them have been different. This memoir is the story of 60 year old Dennis Blanchard (trail name K1) who is hiking the trail in part, in memory of his late brother - killed in Vietnam. They had always talked of walking the trail together. It's a more modern story than any of the others I have read - K1 starts his hike in 2007. This story takes different twists and turns, but still gives the reader the essence of the trail. Lots of good stories in this one, and told in a very "folksy" manner - as if K1 himself were sitting down with you to tell his story.I will say this is a worthwhile read for anyone who loves the great outdoors, who believes in the good of the American people, and believes that there is a piece of all of us that has the ability to overcome!Thanks to K1 for sharing his story!