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Susanna Kearsley's "Named of the Dragon"

Named of the Dragon - Susanna Kearsley

Named the Dragon is one of Susana Kearsley's first books, and while she is still mastering her style in this tale, it still drips with the mysterious connections and intriguing plot lines that have characterized her later works. Lyn is a London literary agent invited to Wales for Christmas by one of her clients. She still nurses wounds from a baby lost many years ago. In this mysterious environment, she stumbles across another little boy whom she must help.

The story is filled with the lush imagery of the Wales countryside - the castles, the seas, the legends. Kearsley deftly weaves the story of King Arthur along with the local lore to draw the reader in. The characters, as always, are marvelous and varied. A slight romance pulses it's way through the story, and some unlikely events develop along the way. Not as compelling as her later works, but still an enjoyable read.

Recommend for: Lovers of historical mysteries