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City of Dark Magic: A Novel

City of Dark Magic - Magnus Flyte Sarah Watson gets an invitation to Prague to help put together a special collection of Beethoven artifacts for exhibit. A PHD student and Beethoven specialist, she is thrilled. But there is something "off" about her trip - something mysterious is going on - something people are willing to kill for. There is also a little time travel twist in this one that takes the readers through some of the history of historic Prague and introduces us to the master himself.Really enjoyed this book. Once the ball is finally rolling, it's impossible to put down. It's full of history, intrigue and even a little romance. There are lots of odd characters in this one, ones that you will love, and some that will disgust you. It has all the components of a historical thriller.A couple of things that I didn't enjoy. The protagonist's habit of casual intimate encounters made it seem more like a YA book in the beginning and cheapened the romance of the story. Also had a case of "Republican Bad Guys" in this book. Not so overt and beat upon, but why oh why can't they just be politicians instead of a certain party? Recommend for: People who enjoy YA type fantasy reads - with a thriller component.