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Lucy Valentine #2 by Heather Webber

Deeply, Desperately  - Heather Webber

This is the second book in the Lucy Valentine series. Boy, things sure do happen fast in these books. This one picks up right where the other one left off. Except now Lucy has her own branch of the business - Lost Loves - and she works with Sean, the PI who makes her heart go hubba hubba. This one has a lot of little side stories. Her best friend Em and man troubles - including a stake out with her other bestie Marcal, crazy letters from a stalker, a missing woman, a lost love, a family scandal, a nosy reporter and a looney ex girlfriend of Sean's. It all adds up to...formula chick lit. Love, romance, lots of bows tied neatly. No real cliffhanger, except where will LOVE go next?This is the book that has convinced me that I need to stop reading this genre. I like a lot of things about Lucy and her sluthing. I don't mind the lightness of the story, but the romance. It's the same in every chick lit series....or very similar.I can recommend this to people who love light mysteries with romance. Lucy's psychic abilities give the stories a unique twist.