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Millie's Fling

Millie's Fling - Jill Mansell Millie's Fling tells the story of good natured Millie, who stumbles across a famous authoress on the verge of leaping to her death. After convincing her that that would be a problem, Millie befriends Olga and later agrees to let her turn Millie's own life into a novel. As Millie faces her daily, crazy situations, she relays them back to Olga, who began to transform this story into a work of ficiton. While Millie keeps her own personal hearthrob a secret, Olga tries to infuse some life into the story line, with a bit of matchmaking. There are many funny characters in this story, often caught in the most outrageous situations.Millie was a most likable main character - moreso than many of the flighty girls often found in chick lit books. I just couldn't picture her as a blond, no matter how hard I tried. The story itself took a lot of twists, turns and rabbit trails, but they were so packed with humor and mischief, that I didn't mind it at all. As the plot gains momentum in the last 200 pages, very hard to put down. I kept wondering what crazy thing would happen next.Why not 5 stars? I don't know that I could ever give 5 to chick lit....just my personal opinion. It would have to be a masterful work of art.