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Love Drunk Cowboy (Spikes & Spurs)

Love Drunk Cowboy - Carolyn Brown Austin returns to the town of Terrel, OK to spread her Grandmother's ashes in the Red River on Good Friday. She meets Granny's neighbor and helper name Rye who is one hot cowboy. Will she return to her city life in Tulsa for that big promotion or take up on Granny's watermelon farm? I like Carolyn Brown's style. Her books are light and humorous romances. But this one had a little too much anticipation in it and then a whole lot of fulfillment. I like a lot of the smaller story lines that seemed to get lost in the lust. I also loved the characters - they seemed to have a lot of potential. But in the end, despite all the red hot romance, I was left unfulfilled.Just an average little romance on the scale of things.