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Being George Washington: The Indispensable Man, as You've Never Seen Him

Being George Washington - Glenn Beck I just finished Ron Chernow's bio of Washington, so Glenn's book was a bit repetitive. But, I will say, while Chernow's book was a beast and 960 pages (although thorough and complete), Beck's book will give you the leadership highlights of Washington's life in 250 pages - interspersed with Beck's own observations on these actions.I liked that it really pulled the highlights of Washington's career - his honor, integrity, commitment to the revolution, perseverance and belief in God. I didn't like that it was written in a fictitious way (similar to the book A Paris Wife) - certainly there is no historical documents existing separately or together that truly outline the detail of the historical vignettes of this book. It is Beck taking liberty on giving life to the characters of this book (most notably Washington himself) and drawing the reader in to feel closer to the events of the day. But, that fell a little flat with me. (Although just having read a more historically accurate account of GW's life, I will say that the say stories were contained within, but just written in a different style and not annotated to any historical docs.) Beck's summary chapters are typical Beck - hitting all his points. I did enjoy the book. I think that for those who are looking to improve their leadership skills or to learn some of the high points of Washington's career, it would be a good read. It is a self-help, leadership book, not a biography or true historical account.