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Triangles: A Novel

Triangles - Ellen Hopkins Three women, different lives, stumbling along. Holly - turning 40 and unhappy with her marriage, deciding who or what to do next. Marissa - mother of a special needs child, wondering why her own marriage is so broken. Andrea - just can't seem to get it right. Three lives entwined and yet separate. Where will they go?I really struggled with this book, mostly because these were women, not adolescents and yet they seemed to have the same issues on bigger levels. I hated one of the characters completely, and wondered "are women really like this?" As the story evolved and meshed I got to the point of compulsion - where you need to finish it. The prose was a bit different, but the same flow was there - the hypnotic trance, the need to know. I didn't love it, though. So 3 stars. I know the next book is about the kids and I can totally see that.