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All We Know of Heaven: A Novel

All We Know of Heaven - Jacquelyn Mitchard Two teenage girls. Besties. Blond haired, green eyes, similar build. A horrific accident. One dies and one survives. But its not what they first think. Families, lives, and grief take over the lives of those who know them. How can the survivor rebuild and overcome her injuries? I give the first half of this book a 5 star rating. I loved how the author portrayed the main character, the girl left behind - caught in her own body, but limited by her brain injury. The story unfolds with the guilt, the hatred of the family whose daughter died, and the resilent spirt of the girl left. As the book progressed, I did not like the teenage romance portion of the book. It was all so very cliche. I think that was more unbelievable than the rest of the book.Still a good story, but would have liked to see the characters with more depth through the rest of the book.